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Prague Shooting with a small group


Shooting in Prague with M16


Shooting in Prague with a Glock pistol

V.I.P. Early Bird


The perfect event for adventurous individuals and couples visiting Prague






The type of guns you'll shoot on this event
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more info on each gun






Guns Prague: Russian AK47 assault rifle

AK47 (genuine Russian made folding stock "paratrooper version")
(15 shots)




Guns Prague: Glock pistol

Glock 17 (10 shots)



Guns Prague: M16

M16 (15 shots)



Guns Prague: Dragunov 7.62mm Sniper Rifle

Dragunov Sniper Rifle
(5 shots)

Prague Guns: B&T TP9

Swiss B&T TP9 (10 shots)



Guns Prague: Saiga 12 Combat Shotgun

Saiga 12K Combat Shotgun
(5 shots)

All of our other shooting events in Prague require a minimum of four people to run, but our "VIP Early Bird' is designed specially for individuals and small groups of up to three people.

For this programme we have specially selected the six most popular guns from all of our other Prague events. This means you'll get to shoot the legendary AK47, the American M16 assault rifle, the Glock 17 police pistol, the Russian Dragunov Sniper Rifle, and the supercompact Swiss made TP9 close protection weapon. You'll also try your hand at knocking down multiple steel targets with the Saiga 12K combat shotgun as used by the elite Russian Spetsnaz (special forces).

For those interested in shooting additional guns the range has a good selection of other modern and classic guns to choose from at the end of your event (call us for details of rental and ammunition prices).

You will also each get a chance to shoot your own Top Gun Tours "Gun Gremlin" T-shirt full of holes as a truly unique souvenir of the event (included in the price).

This event is scheduled on Saturdays throughout the year (9am hotel pick-up). This means you will get to shoot before most of the larger groups bookings arrive at the range. Other days may be possible but please contact us to check first.

The majority of our customers are new to shooting, so no experience is required (expert 1-to-1 instruction is provided throughout).







Exclusively for bookings of between 1 and 3 people only


Transport to & from your hotel included!

(Approx 45 mins each way)


3.5 hours
(including hotel transfers)

Typical schedule:
Pick-up 9am and back at your hotel (or the airport if you prefer) by around 12.30pm.


Saturday 9am collection from your hotel.

(We may also be able to run VIP Early Bird on other days of the week if we have a group booking on that day. If you would like to shoot on a day other than Saturday please call us first to check before booking).



Click here for prices.

Full pre-payment in UK£ is also possible for those prefering not to handle cash on the day. for current £ prices.

Shooting in Prague with a Dragunov sniper rifle


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